Leasing Office

Sampoerna is one of the most respected names in the Indonesian business community. It is a name associated with unquestionable integrity, with a reputation of striving for excellence.


The holding company, PT Sampoerna Strategic, acquired the building which has subsequently renamed Sampoerna Strategic Square in late 2005. The building refurbishment has significantly improved the property's infrastructure and comprehensively upgraded the services and facilities.


PT Sampoerna Strategic together with a number of other group companies are major occupies within the building and intend to be so for many years to come. This ensures that long term solutions have been sought and implemented at all levels throughout the renovation project.


The building therefore represents an unprecedented opportunity for occupies who share a similar philosophy and seek the best building in which to satisfy their long term business needs.


Info Package Sampoerna Strategic Square and Healthy Protocol at Sampoerna Strategic Square